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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an SCT?
A: SCT stands for Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.

Q: What is a PBCM?
A: Piggy-Back Camera Mount. A simple device used to attach a camera to the top of the telescope for wide field astrophotography using wide angle to short telephoto lenses. The main scope serves as the tracking platform in this type of very easy and rewarding astrophotography.

Q: Is the MW available in black anodized finish?
A: Yes it is. We've done several in black anodized finish over the years on special request and they turned out very nice. Please inquire if you would like your MW in black.

Q: Does the shiny finish of the wedge degrade photography?
A: No! Some have suggested in an effort to cast doubt on the high quality and excellent performance of the MW that the shiny finish of the wedge is not particularly compatible with astrophotgraphy efforts. The suggestion being that stray light will bounce off the wedge and somehow end up on the film or CCD. To say the least, this "problem" is a red herring that does not stand up to analysis. A little ray tracing and an understanding that light travels in a straight line will quickly lead one to conclude that there is not too much of a way for light to bounce off a surface of the wedge to find its way into a closed optical path pointed at the sky.

Several hundred MWs have been delivered to discriminating users all over the world. Not a single instance of "polished aluminum induced" degraded photos has ever been reported to BLAW. It is just not a problem.

Q: What about the use of surplused material?
A: Again in an effort to cast doubt on the quality of the MW, some have suggested that the use of surplused material somehow introduces a risk that the material and hence the MW is inferior. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing inherently inferior about material procured in the surplus market simply because it is not "brand new". When a large company buys (for example) a 4' X 10' sheet of aluminum and uses 6' feet of it, they may not have a need for the drop. Rather than have oddball sized drops pile up, they surplus the material....It is cheaper than storing it. The material is still good as new.

Customers and future customers...rest assured the material that goes into all BLAW products is good quality and totally up to the task. Because I am willing to do the extra work it takes to deal with the randomly sized stock offered in the surplus market, BLAW can pass this savings on to the customer. I could go out and buy new but in the end the only difference would be that the MW would be more expensive. Using surplus material is even environmentally sound. Why burn the energy and treasure to make new, ship it around and pay more in the end when you don't need to?


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