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Camera MountCamera Mount

Tired of fighting that almost useless piggyback camera mount? We have two sturdy and useful piggyback camera mounts available to use with the dovetail rail.

PBCM #1 - Utilizes a Bogen 3232 tripod head attached to a slider that interfaces with the DT rail. The 3232 head is compact and has two degrees of freedom (up-down, right-left) to allow a wide adjustment range for camera pointing.

PBCM #2 - Pictured above. Utilizes a Bogen 3025 tripod head attached to a slider that interfaces with the DT rail. The 3025 head has three degrees of freedom (up-down, right-left, roll) to allow complete flexibility in locating and framing your photo target. PBCM #2 is our favorite. The roll feature of the 3025 head is very handy for optimal framing the photographic subject.

Like the DT rings, the PBCMs may be randomly located along the rail to help simplify and minimize any counterbalancing solution that may be needed when the accessory load is connected to the top (or bottom) of the main OTA.



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