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Quality Telescope Accessories
At Down To Earth Prices.

Milburn Telescope Wedges

The Milburn Wedge The Deluxe Milburn Wedge

The Milburn Wedge - Our flagship product.  A heavy duty machined wedge for use with 8-10" SCTs. If you are looking for a heavy duty wedge...search no further.  Interested in something 'extra' for your 12-14" or pier mounted SCT? The Deluxe Milburn Wedge may be for you.

Milburn Dovetail Rail System

Guidescope Mounting Rings  Piggy-Back Camera Mounts  2-D Counter Weight Sets

The Milburn Dovetail Rail System is a piggy back accessory mounting system for Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes. Products include rail-mounted hardware for piggybacking 1. guide-scope ring systems, 2. cameras and 3. counter-weight sets etc. on your SCT.

Custom Work - Got something you would like to make but don't have the time or tools to do it?  Maybe we can help.  If we can do it, the price will be very reasonable.

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Satisfied Customers
"Nice looking telescope wedge!"
- Harvey, ND

"Thank you for your fine product, I look forward to your new accessories!"
- Walter, TX

"Your telescope wedge works better than the competition, and looks real nice too."
- Bill, NY

"Now this is what I call a great device!"
- Kent, OH

"Saw your wedge at the trade show, now I know what all the talk is about. It sure makes a difference using the Milburn Wedge."
- Robert, FL

"What a great telescope wedge!"
- Scott, WY

"This was so easy to setup and align. I like the Milburn Wedge over the Meade Wedge."
- Willie, MT

"Fine craftsmanship and beautiful finish."
- Cindy, CA